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We improve the life of at-risk metals ~300% at 20% cost.

Trusted by NASA, DoD and our US Military.

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AFWERX, in conjunction with the United States Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), recently awarded 300 Below with ~$1.5M in SBIR research and development funding to cryogenically treat and test at-risk metals used in military firearms, vehicles, and aircraft. Military firearms are up to 50% more accurate, life of gun barrels are doubled, brake rotor life triples, corrosion resistance improves, and we also impart improved stress relief and stabilization characteristics.

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300 Below's revolutionary process is a one-time irreversible treatment applied to metal, which acts an extension of heat treatment. Because all changes to metals take place on the quench, we extend the quench of at-risk metals closest to absolute zero using our green, environmentally friendly technology by injecting liquid nitrogen above its boiling point into a computer controlled chamber. We've been improving our process since 1966, for over fifty years.

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